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The PoolForum has always been about helping pool owners gain the knowledge they need to enjoy their pools more, and to work and spend less caring for them. But, until recently, we haven't had a way to point pool owners to the products they needed.

Fortunately Amazon has begun shipping desirable pool products at very competive prices. Most PoolForum users have gotten their K2006 testkits from Amazon, since few other stores, local or online, sell them.

Beyond that, it's now possible for us to direct you to the exact chemicals, tools, or parts you need . . . without us having to get into the business of online retail. Amazon gives us a small commission (4% - 7%) on most sales if you buy through the links here, but does not increase your price at all!

So, we're very happy to let Amazon do what they are good at -- selling consumer products at great prices with prompt delivery, so we can focus on what we're good at -- giving you the information you need. To that end, I've created a series of Amazon pages, with products grouped by category -- test kits, chemicals, specific pool problems, equipment and so on. The link
or in the title above, will take you to the PoolForum store. But, if you just want to search Amazon, or visit some of their current special areas, follow the Amazon banners below.

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If you're looking for something specific, you can use the search box below:

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Amazon Prime: In my opinion, the free 2-day shipping is the reason to get PRIME; movie and TV service is pretty sketchy.


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